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Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar Cheese and Chilli Nibbles

Delicious, light oaty nibbles with real extra mature Scottish cheddar and a hint of chilli to spice up any winter gathering.

St Andrews Biscuit Co – Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar Cheese & Chilli Nibbles

Need something to heat up your chilly autumn nights? Our Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar Cheese & Chilli Nibbles are just the ticket.

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Cheddar Cheese (Milk) (28%), Flour (Wheat Flour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin), Oat flakes, Vegetable Margarine (Sustainable Palm Oil, Rapeseed Oil, Water, Salt, Natural Flavouring), Salted Butter (Butter (Milk) Salt), Sugar, Salt, Paprika, Chilli Powder (0.3%), White Pepper.

ALLERGY ADVICE: For allergens, including cereals containing gluten, see ingredients in bold.

Suitable for vegetarians.

STORAGE: Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened, keep in an airtight container and consume within 2 weeks.

Product of Scotland.
90g ℮

Nutritional information

Typical Values
per 100g
2268 kJ
544 kcal
35.3 g
- of which saturates
16.6 g
41.6 g
- of which sugars
1.5 g
3.7 g
13.2 g
1.4 g

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Extra Mature Scottish Cheddar Cheese and Chilli Nibbles

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Our Product Reviews

Very tasty. I gave mum these biscuits as a gift. I gave her 6 boxes. There's a lot of packaging as they're to break so that's disappointing. However, they use sustainable palm oil.

I love these biscuits, dark chocolate and ginger, what a combination. Mouth watering, I love them. The best thing is the ginger taste hangs around in your mouth. The bad thing is it makes you want to go and eat more.

Very quick delivery, a day earlier than expected! Very moreish shortbread. Arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. Very good value for money.

The best tasting biscuits I've had for a long time, crispy and crumbly with an amazing ginger flavour, the best by a mile

They are firm enough to dunk, but not hard. Flavorsome and buttery, just as shortbread should be. They have that soft buttery taste that is associated with shortbreads while not compromising on quality. Great to have with a cup of tea. Recommended!

I adore really tasty cheese and so adore very tasty cheesy things, but most are pretty bland. Very disappointing - bought once and left for family to finish! have only found two that meet me desires and expectations! These are superb and I do NOT share them. But they are not on sale in my area. So I ordered a boxful!! Coming tomorrow, I hope! See also my review for Snyders Cheddar Cheese Pretzels!

I loved these cookies although they were a little stronger than I'd like although still very moorish! They are soft to the bite and packed full of cheese flavor. Highly recommended

So tasty and moorish, need to buy in bulk because they don't last long at all

I loved everything about these biscuit snacks , the taste was great making you want more .

The besy cheesy flavour andgood oats as well

Probably the nicest shortbread I've ever eaten. With my henge-like teeth I tend to weary of eating anything too hard so have real problems with the usual shortbread which is usually impenetrable without a dunking. These are crispy but also soft and moist and easy to eat either way. But be weary of the crumbs. These things *shred*.

Really nice cheesy nibble, at a very good price, a job to put down once started.

Although my partner and I do not like ginger biscuits we have to say that these do taste great if you like them in general, the flavour is spot on, the ginger is not too strong but for us sadly it is as we are not used to that flavour combination (sweet chocolate with spicy ginger). The dark chocolate tastes amazing, similar to dark chocolate McVitties. The biscuit is crunchy indeed, but in my opinion, it is a tad too hard, and especially so if it is not eaten within few days. Since we didn't like them my partner took these biscuits to work and her colleagues agreed that these were the best ginger biscuits they tried and that they loved them, so I am just relaying the information. Overall, I am not going to let my taste buds affect the score as it is just my personal preference and not the fair product rating. Since a lot of people I know agreed that these were by far the best ginger cookies they tried I am going to give it five stars, and even though I don't like the taste profile, I can still taste the quality of ingredients and that is what is important.

I think these are totally delicious, lots of firey ginger heat from the real ginger and smothered in high quality dark chocolate. Unfortunately we tend to finish the whole pack once opened because they are so good. Also dunk well in tea (surprisingly). A firm favourite and also makes a nice gift. Highly recommend.

I love ginger biscuits, I love dark chocolate, these are 2 of my favourite things put together and are amazing. You get a whopping 12 boxes of these which is incredible, sadly I got them at the completely wrong time (heatwave) and most of them melted since I only had enough space in my fridge for a couple boxes. Excellent value and quality, highly recommend!

Excellent shortbread; crumbly, very tasty, and impossible to eat without wanting more!

Delicious ginger biscuits with slight spicy kick to it and covered with lovely dark chocolate. I love taste of those biscuits, texture is more crunchy inside rather than chewy. They feel much lighter and they are not that sweet as well which i prefer comparing to other supermarket biscuits. Because they are not that sweet you can actually eat much more of them, perfect for afternoon tea. Ginger flavour is delicious. They not too strong with flavour but you can feel it on back of the tong, then spicy flavour comes, love that taste. Whole box contains 12x 130g each boxes of biscuits. Long expire date allow you to store it for longer i eat it whenever you want it without worry that they will expiry soon. 1 thing i noticed is white layer on top of the biscuits which for me indicates that they been stored for some time before been shipped. It doesn't however affect taste whatsoever so not problem there. Love them.

Didn’t expect as many packs, so was suprised to have 12 boxes. Well packaged as usual and really looked posh. Didn’t know what to expect taste wise but wow. These are biscuit like in texture, but have a taste that’s like a cross between a mini cheddar and a posh biscuit. Lovely taste and texture and packaged to look the part too. They remind me of the kind of biscuits that are left on the side of a posh upper class hotel for you when you arrive, with a bottle wine. 👍 deffo a thumbs up and I’ll be buying more

There are TWELEVE boxes here and it's such a good value, works out about £1.67 per box. The ginger is a great tasting ginger. It's not a namby pamby ginger, meaning it's hardly got any taste. This has taste in spades. This taste like the ones I make, when the recipe says half a teaspoon, I add two tablespoons lol. So nice spicy and strong. I'm a bit 'off' with dark chocolate at the min, but this is a decent chocolate, not the cheap oily sort. There's eight biscuits per box, so hubsters eyes lit up and spun around lol. Good job they have a good BBD on them, sometime next year as it may take a while to eat them all...........Or not the way hubster and daughter are eyeing them up! Highly recommend.

If anyone tells you they don't like ginger biscuits given them one of these. The bitter dark chocolate perfectly compliments the spice, and as a result you find yourself grabbing for more. My mum came to stay and pretty sure a couple of packs vanished with her! Nice crunch, hold up well in tea and are just about the perfect biscuit. Highly recommended.

I live with two cheese consumers, I'm not too fixated but happy to try these. These nibbles, although look like biscuits, are cheese-bites for want of a better term. Produced in Scotland and made from Scottish cheddar. The packaging is clear, adorned with the company logo and containing all the information you need to know. Cardboard box, plastic tray with a plastic film. The bites themselves are very cheesy, too much for me. However, the two cheese eaters of the family find these really nice and more-ish. A box disappeared before my eyes while writing this review. If you like cheese or know someone who likes cheese then this would make an excellent buy.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These are INTENSELY cheesy. This is a very memorable savoury snack. The flavour is intense - it hits you HARD. These are definitely worth a punt if you've never tried them before.

These shortbread fingers were loved by all how ate them, family and friends, myself, and I already have made repeat purchases from the supplier. The boxes and trays will keep the biscuits fresh prior to opening or storing them until completely consumed. The biscuits themselves were loved by all for their taste, texture and freshness of the product. They all commented that they seemed closer in taste to home baked than mass produced. My brother thought they were particularly well matched with swigs of strong black coffee while my sister said that it was difficult to restrict herself to just one or two biscuits at a time with her coffee. Great product, would have no hesitation recommending these to others, whether you plan on eating them yourself or keeping them in the home for occasions when you are receiving visitors or entertaining. Great for Christmas and all occasions I can think of as "shortbread" occasions too.

These biscuits are small in diameter, but thick, and plentiful in each box. The portion size is probably perfect to get not overwhelmed with a single bite. The texture takes some getting used to as it's very unusual, it's crumbly but oaty, one of those textures that leaves you feeling like you've got to floss and pick bits out from your teeth for hours afterwards, but the flavour itself gets better as it lingers. Once you crunch through the oaty bittiness you get flecks of a really mature tasting cheese that seems to develop on your tongue. Quite enjoyable once you get used to the experience.

As with the shortbread, the biscuits from this company are just amazing. You receive 12 (12!) boxes of glorious, crumbly ginger biscuits absolutely drenched in dark chocolate. So, I'm fairly strictly keto, and there's enough dark chocolate on here to break pieces off and nibble independent from the biscuit itself, which is incredible. The biscuit itself, though, is just delightful. It's sweet without being sickly, and it has that glorious ginger heat that warms you up on the inside. I so want eat these at Christmas around an open fire (which is fine because they have a long best before date on them. Huzzah!) Each box contains 8 biscuits which doesn't sound like a lot, but they're really goodly sized, and they're rich, so you're not going to want more than one, maybe two at a time. At the time of writing, the pack of 12 is £19.99, which is incredible value when you consider how yummy they are. Am officially a huge fan of this company!

Shortbread is one of my favourite biscuits so I was really pleased to try these, they are so much better than the supermarket ones I usually buy, these taste delicious they are so light and crumbly not too sweet just perfect. These work out at £1.25 a box which considering how nice they taste I think that is quite good value, the best before is October which in my house will not be a problem, but maybe something to consider.

This is a pack of 12 boxes of 8 biscuits. The biscuits are crisp and crunchy with the lovely warmth of ginger. They are covered in a thick, dark chocolate. All I can say is these are clearly a high quality, luxury biscuit and taste absolutely delicious. Very more-ish. Highly recommended..

These are really nice cheese nibbles that go well with a glass of white wine or prosecco. They aren't the healthiest option, but are certainly a nice treat and are a bit of a fancier option for guests if you want to go beyond a bag of plain crisps. The texture is nice and crumbly, they melt in your mouth and are very easy to eat. They have a really nice strong cheddar cheese flavour, which makes them a really nice savoury snack to enjoy with your wine but they wouldn't work with coffee - at least in my opinion!! The boxes are nice and presentable - its the kind of thing you could take to someone as a little gift if you are invited round for a drink.

Who doesn't like shortbread? Well, you're wrong because everybody likes shortbread. However, this shortbread is amongst the best I've eaten, and i've eaten a lot

They are as described. Surprisingly gingery compared to most other ginger biscuits, with a crunchy crumbly texture and a very good plain chocolate coating. I have no complaints. I've just has a check on the price, rather expecting it to be my only grumble, but no, that's a fair price for what it is; a quality luxury biscuit.

These are great shortbread, the texture and taste is top quality. Getting 16 boxes with 7 pieces of shortbread in each helps keep them fresh and also puts the brakes on to some extent as to not consuming them too fast! Buying them in bulk is good value if you can resist the temptation to eat them too quickly!

This product reminds me of if a ginger nut biscuit was coated in chocolate. There’s a total of 8 biscuits in the box and the taste and smell is delicious. It has a nice sweetness to it with a very mild bitterness from the dark chocolate and obviously a with nice spicy ginger that makes you feel warm after. It’s perfect for those who have a sweet tooth as it has such a good balance of flavours. The product taste very high quality and it has a got sell by date, so it’s perfect to store in cupboard and treat yourself from time to time. I would highly recommend this well worth the money. Hope you found my review helpful.

A rich dark golden crunch that’s super tasty with just the right amount of ginger. Just enough to taste the heat. A fabulous biscuit without the chocolate. The dark chocolate isn’t too thick, some may like it thicker but I’m not a big fan of dark chocolate but I found it ok? My wife however suggested a better quantity chocolate might be better?

This Cheddar Cheese Nibbles are billed as light nibbles and, given the size of each nibble, I suppose they are light but the combination of cheese and oat has a natural heaviness – that isn’t a criticism of these moorish snacks. Comparatively low in sugar, always a good thing, I took a couple of boxes for nibbles at a barbeque and they went down a storm – for savoury snack lovers these can only be recommended.

I like my shortbread and this is as good as any other high volume supermarket brand out there. There's seven in a box, so sixteen boxes equates to a lot of shortbread. I felt these seemed more "natural" somehow, than the super-refined versions you often get. They had less sugar falling off them, but tasted just as good and more-ish. They're apparently made in Scotland, so authentic, which must be a good thing. There's nothing not to like about these, and if the price is right, then this is a good and tasty buy.

Do you like dark chocolate biscuits? Do you like ginger? These are the St Andrews Biscuit Co Dark Chocolate Gingers 130g x 12 boxes, in cardboard packs with plastic interior tray. If you are like me, like ginger biscuits and love chocolate, then you will love these. They are a medium sized fat ginger biscuit smothered in luscious dark chocolate. One bite into these you get the bitter of the dark chocolate and the sweet of the biscuit, not much ginger initially. It is not until the second or third bite you get the ginger taste, even afterwards you are still getting a ginger aftertaste. These are lovely. Overall I would thoroughly recommend these luxurious chocolate ginger biscuits, they are sublime.

The first thing my mother taught me to bake was cheese straws - and they tasted like these tiny biscuits; so as far as I'm concerned they taste 'home-made'. The cheese content is listed as 29%, so the flavour is strong, as it should be, and the oat flakes provide the crumbly testure. There about 30 pieces in each pack, and it's very tempting to eat all 500 kcal at one sitting, they are so tasty. Most cheese products are awful, so it's a pleasant surprise to find one so good. It says on the box to eat within 2 weeks of opening - I defy anyone to make them last that long - quite excellent.

I've said elsewhere in other reviews that even though an Englishman, I've resided in Scotland and have a love of quality food items, so I kind of feel I'm qualified to talk about Caledonian cooking as such and shortbread is something that I was educated about when I lived there, along with whisky, haggis, mince and tatties and heaven help me, a deep fried mars bar once. Shortbread should be of a solid construction, but with a crumble on the tongue, a hint of creamy biscuit and a barely faint touch of salt at the end of the munching and a satisfyingly heavy crunch that melts in the mouth with a buttery, semolina like flavour throughout makes for the best shortbread. Skimp on any of these factors and it fails. This product has the lot though, all of the expected flavour ranges and layers and with an intensity of creaminess I loved, meaning it would pass the Scottish taste test from a good cup of tea accompaniment to a wee dram with it. I don't care about that so much though, because this superb treat just makes the better known shortbreads, that proliferate around Xmas time, pale into insignificance and frankly, you could happily munch through these any time of the year - I know I would!

This is 12 boxes of ginger biscuits with 8 large biscuits per box. The biscuits are crumbly and have a satisfyingly pleasant crunch to them along with a “just right” sweet ginger flavour that develops in your mouth; not too fiery but definitely gingery with a delicately spicy finish. The biscuits are generously coated in mellow dark chocolate that’s neither bitter nor too rich that it overpowers the biscuit flavour. I will also mention here that the biscuits are different from our usual supermarket brands - they're not as hard as standard ginger biscuits or as fiery as the stem ginger biscuits - but the lighter, crumblier texture, the depth of flavour and the chocolate coating all work together in harmony to give these biscuits a more indulgent feel that I really like. Just great biscuits that make for an easy, enjoyable treat! OTHER NOTES: The box doesn’t explicitly state that the biscuits are suitable for vegans but the dark chocolate coating is dairy free and the rest of the ingredients appear to be egg and dairy free too; I think they are manufactured in an environment where milk and eggs are used hence the labelling. Good long 9 month expiry dates on the boxes I received; labels suggests storing in an airtight container and consuming within 2 weeks once opened. Nutritional info per biscuit (calculated on an average weight of 18g a biscuit): 92 calories, 4.6g fat (2.2g saturated fat), 11.5g carbs (7.1g sugar), 0.9g protein.

£1.25 per box is good. Shortbread fingers are great for coffee or tea. They melt in mouth. Taste is very good. But they are heavy one finger have around 100kcal. So if You start eating whole pack , which can disappear in a moment, and feel heavy after. They are good as a gift. They can be used as base of cakes, like for example cheesecake they would fit excellent in. They are just delicious.

I love shortbread and think this one is just delicious. It did arrive in a box with the contents listed just in case you don't want them to be know but all neatly packed inside. Opening up the box is the plastic tray and clear wrapper with 7 fingers of shortbread. Some of mine needed separating which is easy done. They are quite crumbly but quite light at the same time. Just the perfect amount of butter and not overly sugary or salty. They go perfectly with a cup of tea, coffee or something cool to wash it down without leaving your mouth feeling too dry or leaving an aftertaste. They are filling without feeling too over indulgent. At £1.25 per box (£19.99 for 16) they are good value. The best before on my boxes are October so 3 months to get them all eaten.

This crumbly little nibbles are really tasty and once you open the pack you won’t be able to resist eating them all. They’re very cheesy, which is what I’d expect and I absolutely love the way they taste, nice and strong. Each box works out at £1.49 each, which is ok I suppose, as they’re clearly made with good quality ingredients. They’re dated until February 2022, so you’ve got plenty of time to eat through all 10 packs but they won’t last long in my house. Hope you found my review helpful

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